Home Invasions in Delaware

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Dear Faith & Freedom Coalition Members,

The other day Attorney General Biden publicly endorse a new home invasion bill put forth by Debra Heffernan.  Mr. Biden stood so proud of this bill; but the question that must be asked is who does this bill serve.  The leader of the Delaware Senate held back a bill sponsored by Dave Lawson (Which was supported by the Kent and Sussex County Councils) that would have made the penalties for home invasion so severe that it would have become the crime of last resort for criminals (It would make the crime a Class A felony. As written, the bill would set forth appropriate minimum mandatory penalties for the crime — prison sentences would increase from the current two-year minimum to a minimum of 15 years).  But Ms. Heffernan decided that criminals who break into your home, terrorize your family, and replace the security of your home with fear for ever day deserve a break and offered a water down version of Sen. Dave Lawson’s bill (The draft bill from Rep. Debra Heffernan, D-Wilmington South, would make home invasion a class B felony with a minimum four year sentence. Repeat offenders or intruders invading homes of the elderly would face additional prison time of six to eight years.).

When do we stop playing politics and start representing the people, when do we put the safety of our people over the security of our political job, and when do we return to the truth.  I guess the answer must be, when we elect different politicians.

Thank you Mr. Lawson for your courage to protect the people.  We must all call our representatives and insist that they pass the tougher bill to protect us all.

God Bless you all,

John Radell

<Our Take>

First State News agrees with Mr. Radell.  This is just a clear case of playing partisan politics with a clear cut problem of the safety and security of Delaware residents.  Instead of moving quickly to address the violent attacks that occur during these home invasions, the Delaware General Assembly (currently led by the Delaware Democrat Party) and Delaware’s one party leadership has decided that since the initial, stronger and more effective proposal came from a Senate Republican, it’s simply not good enough and so they have decided to waste more time and endanger the lives of Delaware citizens.  When it comes to the safety and security of Delaware residents, it’s time to stop playing partisan politics.

<<Update>> 2 violent home invasions have taken place since Senator Lawson’s bill was submitted to the Senate Committee.  The Democrat leadership has willingly failed to protect 2 families from these crimes.  The Senate Committee responsible for this bill is the Senate Judiciary Committee.  The leaders of this committee, Senator Patricia Blevins, Senator Anthony DeLuca, Senator Harris McDowell and Senator Margaret Rose Henry have held up the bill since January 11th.  Delaware Residents should contact these legislators and voice their opinions.

March Sadness Continued…

In Government on March 7, 2012 at 4:26 pm

In March of 2011, DelDOT ran wild and ripped down basketball hoops in one section of the neighborhood of Radnor Green north of Wilmington.  They not only tore the poles out of the ground, some out of permanent concrete placements in which they had sat since the mid 60’s but they also destroyed a number of them by bending the poles and smashing the backboards.  Their destruction of the play opportunities for a half dozen families (and numerous neighborhood kids) came as a result of a regulation tucked into the Delaware code back in 1998 which prohibited any obstructions within 7 feet of a right of way.  The poles in question should have fallen under a grandfather clause but alas, the Delaware Department of Transportation used the services of Delaware State Police officers, one of which was off duty and dressed in an inappropriate FBI sweatshirt when she was caught on camera harassing the family to literally rip the poles out of the ground.  The Blaze ran the story on their website and you can read more about the original story there.

John McCafferty and his wife Melissa fought the effort to steal the poles by DelDOT even to the point of Mrs. McCafferty climbing the pole and refusing to come down in the face of government pressure.  She was eventually compelled to come down when she was told that the pole would not be taken.  Immediately, DelDOT proceeded to tear the pole out of the ground and carried it away despite the protests of the family and assurances that they would be able to keep their pole.  Today, in Delaware Chancery Court, the McCafferty’s filed suit with Case #7308.  In a statement, the McCafferty’s write, “In a rematch from last years March Sadness, the Mccafferty family has come out firing 70 pages from the complaint floor. In addition, the Mccafferty family is utilizing a Full Court Press on DelDOT. With the Instant Ticketing System being brought down to size by the Dowd case factor …. it looks like Delsnot may be the one getting bulldozed in this year’s March Sadness rematch.

The McCafferty’s suit contains civil and criminal allegations at both the state and federal level.  The brief cites DelDOT for violation of the 14th Amendment and includes RICO charges, theft and property damage claims.  First State News will bring you more as the story develops.

Roys Rants – U.S. Government Deals Lead to Chinese Foothold in U.S. Energy

In Energy, Government on March 6, 2012 at 12:22 pm

Since 2010, Chinese companies have invested more than $17 billion into oil and gas deals in the U.S. and Canada, giving their energy-thirsty nation a long-coveted foothold in a region known for innovative new drilling techniques.

Click here to read the full article.

Clinton gave them our missile guidance technology.
Obama gives them our oil.  And state dinners.
The last 3, 4, maybe 5 Presidents have given them our manufacturing.  And our money.
What’s not listed, they’ve stolen, while we talk restraint, and civility, and incentives.
And even the military is dumbfounded by their tenacity.
The time it took to build the Great Wall having been removed from history books.

And in Delaware, the newest new thing in schools is to teach foreign languages to
the kids who the state cannot currently even teach the times three table.  Or English.

Whew!  Just in time.

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